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This is a collection of local flavor and sources of information about Nicaragua, with a focus on individual voices. Please add other sources below. See the Bridge Index style guide for advice on how to list new sources on this page. +/-

Local Blogs Edit

  • Nicaragua Living This blog was started to address the needs of people wanting to move to Nicaragua and needing information and people who moved there and want to integrate themselves into local society. But it is now a resource for information about many, many aspects of Nicaraguan life, culture, and politics.
  • Barricada - News from Nicaragua Barricada is a open group blog named after an extint printer newspaper. The primary source of news are collaborations by visitors and registered users.
  • Marca Acme News and events from the art and literature world in Nicaragua.
  • Blogs de Nicaragua A collection of blogs in the country: Writers, musicians, photographers...

Media Edit