This is going to be loooong....

We would love to have a person to take charge of any of the areas below, or just to give some advice and some input

Graphics and GUI Edit

We may like to have an ad hoc template (currently using standard drupal skin), a logo, and a new banner. Initially we thought of a puzzle containing lots of different images, but we havent gotten round to do that yet

Semantics, Vocabulary, Tagging Edit

We need to set up a tagging system, Drupal offers a controlled vocabulary option and a taxonomy module, but we havent quite thought what would be best to implement that.

Promotion, Publicity, Partnerships Edit

All that we can get

Income Edit

Should we have a small donation box? Should we have feeds on our site? Let's discuss

Org status? Edit

Do we want to register ourselves as a charity? May be an idea... Suggestions welcome

More? Edit