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Tunisia achieved independence from France in 1956. It is a republic with a strong presidential system dominated by the dominant Constitutional Democratic Assembly party. President Zine el-Abedine Ben Ali has been in office since 1987. Tunisia's economy has gradually privatized, with agricultural, mining, energy, tourism, and manufacturing sectors. Tunisia's strong ties to the EU will result in complete EU associate status in 2008. There are about 10 million Tunisian citizens.


The official language is Arabic, but French is widely spoken.

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Local blogsEdit

ATPD > CyberespaceTunisian Association for the promotion and defense of the Cyberspace

TN-Blogs Aggregator Tunisian blog aggregator.

TN-Blogs Directory A directory of Tunisian blogs.

Tunisian bridgeblogs in EnglishEdit

Subzero Blue Tunisian IT guy writing about politics, life, technology, music, cinema, Tunisia and more. (*)

Marouen Bloggin' his life Web developer on his personal life, Linux, and civic society.(*)

Mouse Hunter Arabic and English personal and political blog. (*)

AquaCool Palestinian Jordanian woman living in Tunisia on Palestinian politics, blogging, general politics, and her personal life. (*)

Tunisian bridgeblogs in FrenchEdit

Anti-Con...(Formismes): Blog of Mourad Dridi. The blog is dealing with Concetti against conformisms, conservatives, conditionings, conventions and the followers of the politically correct.

Stranger: Blog of El ansari.

Hou Hou's Blog Politics, life, technology, and wikis. (Mostly French)(*)

Fikra (e-idea in Arabic) : Blog of Sami Ben Gharbia. The blog is part of my e-book (Borj Erroumi XL). Its about politics, cyberdissidence and struggle for freedom in Tunisia.

Blog de Neila Charchour Hachicha A blog dedicated to the fight for freedom of expression in Tunisia. (Mixture Fr and Eng) (*)

Zizou From Djerba Life, Tunisia, travels and comments.

K-pax Politics, social matters and life.

No Flying Monkeys Zone Looking at world trends, politics, challenges with irony and sarcasm. Blog posted in various languages.

Nothing... Just illusion... My own illusion's space.

The Tunisian Star The new tunisian star, about him, his life, his reflexions. Blog posted in arabic, french and english.

Tunisian bridgeblogs in ArabicEdit

أزرق تحت الصّفر (Subzero Blue Arabic).

فــكـرة Blog of Sami Ben Gharbia (text in Arabic and French)

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Free Speech informationEdit

cIFEX: Serious Concerns for Free Expression in Leadup to WSIS

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